Sunday, December 07, 2008

Thinking about vacations.

Is it too early to be thinking about summer vacation? I have been anyway. We usually go to Amelia Island and stay with family for a week or so during the summer. I love it there, but I think I'm ready for something different. I don't want something that is hugely expensive like Disney (although I'd love to take the kids there one day) and I don't want someplace we would have to travel a long long way. Maybe I can talk the family into going in with us and making it a big family vacation. We can get one of those Outer Banks rentals in North Carolina. If everybody goes the cost would be down for all of us. I think it'd be fun. It's kind of hard to get all of us in my mom's apartment on Amelia so this way we could all be together and spread out. That sounds good to me. LOL

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