Sunday, December 28, 2008

Back home again

We got home from Florida last night. Another 11 hour drive. Ugh! I swear I used to make that drive in 9 hours! That is until I had kids!! I have to say that pregnant women should NOT be in a car for that long!! I feet blew up like balloons as soon as I took my shoes off. It was so uncomfortable.

Florida was nice though. The temp when we left TN on Monday morning was 8 degrees. In Florida we got into the 70s. Talk about nice!! It was great. No jackets or even long sleeves needed.

Christmas with the family was wonderful. As usual, my mom bought the kids more than was needed. We almost didn't have room in the van to bring everything back. The kids loved it though.

As much as I love going down there, it's good to be home. I sleep better in my own bed.

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