Friday, December 05, 2008

Looking for ways to save money

So, with the economy the way it is right now I'm looking for ways to save some money. I'm looking at all of our bills and seeing if there is a way I can reduce them. I've decided that I can't cancel the life insurance on any of us, but I can look into changing my insurance providers. I've been with the same company for car insurance since I was 16, but if I could find something cheaper I would be willing to look into it. With that said, who do you have your auto insurance with and how much is your monthly premium?

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Anonymous said...

if you can put at least a couple
insurance things together (like
car, renters insurance, maybe even
medical insurance), your whole
insurance tab will go down. even
putting two cars together will make
it go down. my insurance with with
allstate and it's pretty cheap. got the homeowners, car and some
other kind of insurance on it and it's not expensive at all; since i
pay for it each month, i think i pay no more than $50. not bad at
all. love - judy