Sunday, December 28, 2008

Do they know me at all?

I have to ask. I swear sometimes my family doesn't know me at all. One family member got me one of those really cool espresso machines for Christmas. The problem? I don't drink coffee. Of any kind. I hate it. I guess that is one item that I will be taking back. LOL I hope this family member doesn't come over and expect to have an espresso. LOL Wonder what I should buy instead? Hmmm. Such a dilemma. Also, should I tell this family member that I'm returning it? I've never really had to return a gift like this before.


Breazy said...

Hope you all have a Blessed New Year!

Anonymous said...

unless he's quit, give it to
michael's father. he used to
drink espresso a lot.
love - judy

James Smith said...

Please remove the link to 1stincoffee found here:

Thank you.