Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ok, I'm finally going to post some pictures.

We had a great time in Florida. We were there for 2 weeks and spent lots of time at my Aunt's pool. We only went to the beach once though. Yeah I know we are weird, but with the kids it is just so much work and they won't go in the water anyway. LOL I'm fine with that really since I don't like the sand much myself. This time Ari had more fun in the sand than she has in the past. She would actually play in it this time. Last year she didn't want to touch it at all and couldn't even stand to have it on her feet. Here are a few pictures. I didn't take many though. I'm really really bad about that.

Here is Joshua playing in the sand. He finally got brave enough to go down to the water and fill his bucket up all by himself. LOL

Ari had a lot of fun playing in the sand. She wouldn't go down to the water to fill her bucket up though.

When we were in Aunt Carolyn's pool she wouldn't get in the big pool. We ended up having to go buy her a small pool. That one she loved. She would spend hours in that little pool all by herself just playing and talking.

Silly boy here. He loves that he is actually tall enough to walk on the bottom of the pool now. He still won't get in without his floaties though. *sigh*

Hey!!! He does actually smile once in awhile. LOL

Cool Girl!!

Towards the end of the trip Joshua had to use his sister's floaties because his got torn. He didn't care though as long as he had some and could go in the water. LOL

She does love her big brother and he adores her. It really is too sweet.

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Breazy said...

awww, the pictures are great!

Hope you are having a fun weekend!