Monday, June 23, 2008

If it's not one thing it's another

Apparently the transmission in my van is going. It shifts hard and when you hit 20-30 mph it doesn't want to catch when it shifts. I called the mechanic today and got some not so good news.


FUCK!!!!!! DAMMIT!!!! SHIT!!!!!!! FUCK!!!

It's going to cost anywhere from $1500-$1800 for a new transmission for my van. It will be $900+ for a used one and not much less if they can rebuild mine. Where are we getting that kind of money? WE HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA. Stressed beyond belief right now.

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peach said...

Oh, s*** Paige. I'm so sorry to hear about your van. I know you and Michael are feeling the money crunch right now and you certainly don't need this added to it. If I had the money, I'd give it to you.