Friday, June 13, 2008


Ugh!! These gas prices are killing me. When we left Florida gas was $3.97, but earlier in the week it was over $4.00/gallon. Michael has been wanting a scooter to zip around on to save gas. I'm not sure I'm on board for a scooter, but I'd love to have a motorcycle. Heehee!!! I'm a Harley girl. Maybe we can find a good deal on matching used Harleys. Now that would be cool!!!

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peach said...

I hear you loud and clear!! I put over 70 miles a day on my car and having to put 93 octane in my car is freaking killing me. I did discover that the Kroger in Spring Hill has gas, so I do save some money that way. I heard a disturbing story on the radio the other day saying that prices may hit $6 by late summer. I hope that is not true. The matching Harleys sound way cool.