Sunday, August 10, 2008

Well I didn't expect that reaction

Wow that hit out of nowhere. I was just talking to my mom and she said that my uncle in talking about selling the land that he lives on. I'm sitting here bawling. That is my grandparents' land and home. They have been gone since '95 and '01, but it just breaks my heart to think of it no longer being "home." Ya know. It was really weird though because we were talking and she told me about it and I thought I was ok. Then about 5 minutes into a different conversation I just started bawling. Wow. Didn't expect that. Really. It just hurts to think that it may not be home anymore. I know that it would be a positive thing for my uncle and his family, but it's hard to lose the place that meant stability for me for most of my life. I guess it's almost like losing my grandparents all over again. I also know that I'm getting ahead of myself. They haven't decided to actually do it. They are just thinking about it. I really never expected to have this kind of reaction to something like this. It's just a piece of land, but I can't stop crying.

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