Friday, August 29, 2008

Just in time for tomorrow's game!

I got home today to the news that they have revealed Uga VII. His name is Loren's Best and he is the 3 year old son of Uga VI. He will make his first public appearance tomorrow at the UGA v. GA Southern game. Too bad it won't be televised.

He is the biggest mascot second only to his dad. He is a cutie that's for sure. Don'tcha think?

I can't wait for tomorrow's game. I can't watch it live (thank God for CSS replay though!), but I will have it pulled up online for up to the minute updates. Heehee!!!

I'm sure I will blog about the game later as usual.

Hey folks..................IT'S FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!!!! ARE YOU AS EXCITED AS ME?


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peach said...

I'm so excited I can't see straight!! Like you, I'll be watching online here at work and will TiVo the game on CSS on Sunday. Can you believe they won't show the #1 team play on live tv? Wonder if I can hear it online via the internet radio? I'll have to check that out.