Friday, March 13, 2009

It just keeps popping into my head

I can't stop it. I really love my teaching job, but lately a change in careers desire keeps popping up. I'm thinking I want to be a labor and delivery nurse. Sound crazy? Yes it does. It means more school so more money in loans. Plus where in the world would I find the time? I'm about to have 3 kids and I work full time! I know it's nuts to even think about it, but the thought just keeps popping in my head. I'll probably never do anything about it though. *sigh*


holly wynne said...

Here's where I confess that lately, I've really really been considering getting licensed to be a massage therapist. Horrific timing, financial implausibility, and parents who are still paying my student loans for both my BA and MA in English (as well as a couple of other degrees I never finished) may put the kibbosh on that dream, though.

Anonymous said...

hi Paige - take it from your old
mother-in-law. even though the
timing couldn't be worse, from what
i've been reading lately, one of the two careers that they're still
hiring for big-time is for anything
medical. as far as insurance goes,
you've got michael's still plus you
can get COBRA from the school system which lasts for 18 months or
used to. you'll have to pay for it
all, however, which is a downside.
you're lucky - you're young and still able to go back to school in
order to do something with your life. i'm way too old now to do a
thing now. getting kicked out of
college in my second year as i was
surfing too much was the stupidist
thing i've ever done. if it's truly
what you want to do, somehow or
another, it'll happen.
lots of love - judy