Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Been awhile, huh?

Yes I realize I only wrote 2 new posts in February. Sorry. LOL I've just not been in the mood to write. A lot has gone on though. I took a fabulous trip to New Jersey. My friend Lisa and I went to see Jon Bon Jovi in a fan club only event. Talk about an amazing night! There were about 1500 people and Jon played for over 2 hours. He played mostly songs that we've never heard live. We, of course, knew them because we have bootlegged copies on our mp3 players. He played maybe 3-4 of the "popular" songs. We were loving it to be sure!! We were in Jersey long enough to make the rounds on the "Must See" sights for Jovi fans. From JBJ's childhood home all the way to Asbury Park. We took lots of pictures. Lisa is going to send me a disk with the pictures and I'll post those as soon as I get them. As for New Jersey itself? Well let's just say that what you see on tv or in the movies is pretty accurate. It's really not a pretty place to visit. There is a lot of trash all over the roads and its very industrial. My biggest complaint though is that you can't turn left. No, I'm not kidding. You can't turn left. They have concrete barriers blocking you and even at traffic lights you have signs that say no left turn. In order to get to someplace on the left you have to go about 5 miles out of your way to do it. It was very frustrating. We had a GPS (thank God!) and we still ended up getting lost on more than one occasion. Even in the "hood."

I also had professional maternity pictures taken while I was up north. I will be posting some of those shortly.

Sam is growing nicely. I had a doctor appointment yesterday. She is measuring right on target and the doctor thinks that I won't have a 10 lb baby this time. LOL Not that it really matters with a c-section, but you know. LOL My next appointment is on the 16th and that starts my twice a week appointments. I can't believe that we are at that point already. Then again time seems to be crawling by. LOL I have made it to the "I'm completely miserable" stage. A little earlier this time than with Joshua or Ari. I guess it's pretty usual with the 3rd. I really don't know how people have more than 3. My body would just shut down I think. LOL

I can't remember if I mentioned it before but we've set a date for Sam to make her appearance. We will head to the hospital on April 14 for my c-section. Unless, of course, Sam decides she wants to come earlier.

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