Sunday, April 05, 2009

Spent the morning in the ER.

They did another ultrasound on my legs. No clots found again thankfully. They did other tests that ruled out heart/kidney failure or any other thing that could cause swelling like this. They also say no infection. So basically my body is having a hard time getting rid of the excess fluid from prenancy and those pumped into me at the hospital for my c-section. The dr said to follow up with my OB this week and give it a week to 10 days. I have to go back in if I start running a fever or vomiting. I am not to stay lying around because that could end up causing clots. I'm supposed to take it easy but do my normal stuff. Just when I sit down my legs need to be elevated and to make sure I take my pain meds to manage that. Not that they help tremendously. I swear I've never had constant pain like this before. It sucks.

Oh and they stuck me 5 different times trying to get blood! I was NOT a happy camper.

I tell ya, it's been a hell of a week to say the least. I'm an emotional wreck. I've cried more in the last week than I have in years. I bawled like a baby every time they stuck me at the ER. Oh and my mom left today. Again with the water works.

Other than feeling sorry for myself I think I'm doing ok. I'm just tired of hurting. I just want to enjoy my new baby and the big kids. *sigh*

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