Thursday, November 13, 2008

16 week baby appointment

I went to the doctor today. All seems well with the baby. The little one's heart rate was 164. I've been feeling a little movement. Mostly at night when all is quiet and I'm relaxed.

As for me, well the doctor has pulled me from work for the duration. I've been having blood pressure issues at work. She thinks it is stress and being on my feet for so long during the day. She wasn't happy with it. She said that it's too early to be dealing with high blood pressure at 16 weeks and that it will only get worse as the pregnancy progresses so we need to eliminate what stress we can. I still have to check it during the day to make sure work was the cause though. I think it was since at bedtime and when I get up in the mornings it was normal. So anyway it looks like I'm a stay at home mom until this little one is born. I've never been a SAHM before. I'm not sure what to do with myself. I'm sure I can find plenty to do between now and Christmas, but after that I have no idea. Maybe I should some las vegas hotel reservations and take a nice vacation. LOL I wish!!! Heehee!!

So anyway, if you get bored and want to go shopping or do lunch give me a call. I'll be free. LOL

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peach said...

Yeah, baby!! I'm off on Mon/Tues, let's definitely do lunch! Let me know what works for you. Keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow. :)